We’re digitalizing The Enterprise.

We have become quite comfortable with the concept of digitalisation. It is evident that we are increasingly integrating more aspects of our lives with technology, especially with COVID-19 significantly accelerating the shift towards the use of digital platforms.

The events and trends of 2020 have undeniably changed global context for…

Are you ready for 5G?

Imagine this: shoppers walking by their favourite stores get pinged on their phones with promos. They pop inside, try on clothes virtually, and walk out without physically checking out. Elsewhere, factory workers check for defects using eyewear fitted with augmented reality technology that can give them information at the tap…

Entering a new decade of AI and automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous over the last decade, and it is here to stay. Be it boosting the productivity of industries like retail, finance, healthcare, and logistics, or making day-to-day activities a little easier through solutions like smart home devices — it does seem that AI has had…

Debunking the age-long myth of ballot secrecy

The campaign period of GE 2020 is well underway, and we are witnessing party candidates both making rounds in their constituencies and appearances on TV to talk about their plans for Singapore should they be elected.

The volume of conversations around GE 2020 has increased on social media platforms since…

An aggregation of lessons from my star-studded life

*cue Jorja Smith’s ‘Lost & Found’ 🎶

I’m turning 27 this July, as the title reads. While there’s nothing significant about being pushed out of someone’s vagina (I do have a lot of appreciation for my mother since she threw me into this pit of hell aka life — have…

More surveillance, less privacy

In an attempt to contain and control the global coronavirus pandemic, at least 30 countries around the world have instituted temporary or indefinite measures to identify infected individuals or maintain quarantine orders. However, the invasive nature of these measures have raised concerns over the potential threats to personal privacy.


Will our financial order be changed forever?

Recessions are never good for anyone. A sputtering economy typically leads to negative consequences on the financial, emotional, and physical health for many, regardless of age or occupation. …

Why are we so afraid to understand something so complex?

With almost a third of the world’s population on some form of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lengthy periods of isolation and social distancing have led to increased feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.

For some people, the anxiety stems from the fear of infection, or seeing their loved…

How will COVID-19 define our time?

It wasn’t long ago when no one knew of the novel coronavirus.

Today, it’s profoundly changing how millions of people live.

Singapore was one of the earliest countries to report cases of COVID-19 and as of 10 April 2020, Singapore has a total of 2,108 confirmed cases, with 7 deaths…


brown skin g. an outcast with a strong constitution. i’m also into sociotech-ish stuff. researcher. aspiring product designer. always be kind! ☻

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